Transfer to Westcountry Schools Trust 
With effect from 1/9/2019 Plym Academy Trust transferred its schools to Westcountry Schools Trust. 
Westcountry Schools Trust


To the Plym Academy Trust.

Our aim is to develop and learn together to achieve excellence for all.

Our vision is that:

  • Every school in the Trust is considered excellent by the children, the parents and carers and local communities.
  • Every child is inspired to learn by an exciting, innovative and challenging curriculum that enables learners to achieve the highest standards
  • Everyone works together to enable outstanding learning and teaching
  • Every school engages fully with parents so that they can support and contribute to, the education of their child.
  • Every school develops the whole child; fostering the spiritual, moral, social and cultural growth of each individual
  • Every school will develop a positive community spirit and seek to engage in wider local activities


Key shared values underpin this vision and can be summarized as follows:


Relationships are considered the life blood of our schools and trust is a key value of our MAT. We will establish honest and transparent processes throughout the schools to support the development of trusting relationships


We value all individuals within our family of schools and seek to develop by harnessing as much collective knowledge, understanding and skills as we can by working together. All elements of our infrastructure facilitate this.


 Continuous improvement and learning will ensure we are dynamic and equipped to sustain excellent education and promote high aspirations amongst our learners


Our collaborative infrastructure helps to ensure that responsibility for the vision of our group of schools is fully shared by everyone


It is essential that there is real equity across our education provision. We will promote fairness and opportunities for all children. We will differentiate support where appropriate to ensure that inequalities are addressed and inclusion promoted


Our schools

Developing and learning together
to achieve excellence for all